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Back Massage Techniques

Therapeutic Back Massage

Therapeutic back massage is indeed a very good method of fight various types of back pain, provided you have the right kind of friend or partner who could help you in this troublesome and often complicated job.

This massage is also known as Swedish massage and revolves around certain basic concepts such as trigger point release, stripping and effleurage.

It certainly is considered one of the best forms of massaging techniques and can rival many of the expert massages and masseurs about whom we are all quite well aware.

Required Equipment for the right kind of Swedish Massage

  • First and foremost it is very important to have the right kind of environment that is quiet, relaxed and warm.
  • Further the surface on which the recipient will be lying down should be firm and it could either be a mat or a massage table.
  • The next important thing is to choose the right massage oil. For starting purposes, baby oil should be good enough.
  • You should also have proper towels, both for lying on and also for covering the body.
  • Cushions and pillows are also needed especially for those who complain of low back pain.

Therapeutic Back Massage Tips

Once the above things are in place, we could now start to move ahead with the process of massaging. For a proper massage that gives the right kind of benefits let us have a look at the important tips that could make the whole job enjoyable both for the recipient and the masseur.

  • You should learn to pick up the right quantity of oil. Too much oil could lead to reduced friction on the skin of the recipient which could negate the whole purpose of such massage. It also prevents pulling of hairs which is a common problem when too much of oil is used. You should always remember the golden rule that the lesser the oil, the greater the friction and deeper is the pressure.
  • You should also be sure to use slow movements which will help a lot in giving the right kind of soothing or calming response to the persons who are undergoing this massage. When you are applying pressure with your fingers, you should learn to make uniform use of all the fingers lest you could end up hurting your thumb with too much pressure.
  • The next important thing is to ensure that the patient is completely comfortable when he or she is undergoing this Swedish Massage. If you feel that the patient is experiencing discomfort either in the neck, shoulders, ankles, lower back, you should ensure that proper cushions are place under the entire length of the torso or below the other places where the patient is experiencing discomfort. If you have patient who is pregnant, then she could be made to lie on the side while you are performing this massage. However, it would be advisable not to use the massaging techniques aggressively on patients who are pregnant.
  • You should also be sure that the parts of the body that are not being massaged are properly covered by a towel. Always make it a point to pour the oil on to your hands and then apply it on the body instead of directly pouring it onto the body of the patient.
  •  Once you have started the process of massage it is important to keep in mind that on hand has to always remain on the patient to avoid sudden jerks and other such surprises.
  • If you encounter any bony parts, you should avoid putting extra pressure in such areas. It is always important to keep a conversation going with the patient to find out whether he or she is feeling comfortable during the process.

 Therapeutic Back Massage Warnings

There are some common warnings or precautions which should also be taken when it comes to massaging techniques and procedures. A few of them are discussed briefly over the next few lines.

  • It is better to avoid massaging areas where there are blisters which could cause infections.
  • It would also be important to be aware of the various red flags when it comes to massaging the back for various back pain ailments.

If the massaging techniques are proper and are done by an experienced hand, there is no doubt that a number of benefits would be accruing to the customer. It will certainly help in releasing muscles that are tight apart from causing relaxation. Good Swedish massaging is also well known for managing stress and emotional problems. It also plays a big role in increasing awareness about the body. Lymphatic drainage, circulation and other such things also improve a lot through proper massaging techniques.

 How to give a Therapeutic Back Massage?

 Let us over the next few lines try and find something more about the ways and means by which the actual massaging could be done.

  • Whole hand effleurage is a smooth rhythmic stroking while is all about stroking with gentle pressure starting from the leg and moving up to the neck. The massage is done with the help of upward strokes.
  • Then there is another massaging technique by which the heel of the hand is used and hence the pressure is slight deeper when compared to other massaging techniques.
  • This massage is usually done in circular motions, beginning with an outward motion, followed by outward motion and then finally returning back to the center.
  •  There are also a few other massaging techniques such as effleurage with the help of reinforced fingers, stripping with the help of the thumb that is reinforced, and also by using middle fingers, forearms, tips of fingers and so on.


There is no denying the fact that with proper massaging techniques and with the help of experienced masseurs, as a patient you can indeed see big difference as far as your pain management, stress management and other such problems are concerned. However, it is important to undergo the full massaging course without any break in between so that you are able to derive full benefits out of the same.


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