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Deep Tissue Massage Techniques

Deep tissue massage

What is Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep tissue massage is all about strokes that are concentrated, with a gliding direction towards the muscle fibers. It focuses mainly on the localized areas of muscle tension. It is usually performed using the knuckle, elbow and fist and moderate to heavy pressure is applied depending on the condition and the type of massage.

However, deep tissue massage should not be done in areas where there are injuries, open wounds, fractures, blood clots and other types of skin infections. People with weak bones and those who have undergone surgery should also exercise care and caution when going in for this type of massage.

Techniques Adopted in Deep Tissue Massage

Knuckle technique is performed on the muscles around the shoulder blades and the backbone. The right way to perform knuckle massage is to maintain extended fingers where the metacarpals and phalanges meet. Your wrist should also be kept in a neutral position and your elbows should be flexed. The pressure should be applied more due to gravity rather than through pressure and effort.

Fist Technique use the movement of fists to perform these deep tissue massages. They are usually performed on the muscles of the legs, shoulders back of the customer. Some common fist stroking massages are done on the calf and also on the iliotibial bands. However, as is the case with knuckle techniques, this form of massage should also be done properly by keeping your palm up. Your thumb should be forward and your arm straight. The force of the stroke should come from your body weight and not from your shoulders.

Elbow technique is used for applying the right pressure to dense areas of muscle tissue. This technique is used for massaging the piriformis muscle to the gluteal muscles. Here too the body weight should cause the strokes and this can be done by raising your hand to sharpen the elbow angle. It could be painful and so regular communication with the customer is important.


On the whole all the three techniques can be used to good effect for performing the right deep tissue massages.

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