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Leg And Foot Massage Tips and Techniques

Leg and Foot Massage

Leg and Foot Massage

There are many of us who take our bodies for granted. We start putting unreasonable burden on our body expecting that it will be able to cope with it. Our feet and legs are one such part of the body which is almost always ignored.

Small problems and pains often go unnoticed. Many of us spend hours together standing, moving around which causes our legs to become tired, swollen, which if left unnoticed could create problems over a period of time. Giving our leg and feet a good massage can indeed work wonders and will go a long way in improving blood circulation and reduce pains and aches.

Massage does play a big role in helping ease tensions. It also plays a big role in improving the lymph system. Regular thigh massage can also play a big role in increasing the appearance of our thighs. Let us look at some common leg massage tips over the next few lines.

Common Leg Massage Tips:

1.    We could start with oiling of the entire leg starting at the ankle and then moving over and up towards the hip. Once done with the upward movement we should continue with the downward movement till we are back to where we had begun.

We should drain up the ankle making use of the thumbs. While doing to care should be taken to stroke the back of the knee. Using the heels of the hand the draining of the oil should continue till we reach the thigh and the hip joint. Slowly glide the hand backs again to the ankles.
2.    Calf and thigh massage techniques should consist of kneading. Here too we must not forget to gently massage the back of the knee and continue with this process in both the legs.
3.    Wringing is also a good massage tip and it should go all the way from the ankle to the buttock. While we approach the back of the knee we should not put any pressure.
4.    The process should be completed with the help of light, feathery strokes all the way down the leg.

Front Of Leg Massages

1.    After oiling the entire leg, oil should be drained from the calf till the knee with the help of the thumbs. Holding the back of the knee softly with the left hand, stroke with your right hand using a clockwise motion upwards and around the area of the knee cap and also the back of the knee. Then using the left hand, stroke in an anticlockwise direction. This massage must be repeated a number of times.
2.    The knee cap area should be directly worked on. Use of the thumbs is recommended for making overlapping and small circles.
3.    Drain up starting from the knee cap and move to the top of the thigh, making use of the heels of the hands. Move down the ankle using simple gliding technique. Wring the leg upwards beginning from the ankle and knead the area around the thighs. Stroke using feathering technique and cover the entire length of the leg and finish with the feet. Repeat the same on the other leg.

Foot Massage

Foot massage should be both invigorating and soothing. It should be such that even people having ticklish foot must respond to it. Bending the leg at the knee and the ankle must be worked around by using a motion that is circular in nature.

Different Foot Massage Techniques

  1. Massaging your own leg should not be a big problem. Sitting up, use one leg to rest the other. Many a back aches and bad posture could be because of foot problems. Massaging foot daily can refresh the entire body.
  2. Make use of your partner’s feet by holding your hands over them. This is called greeting of the feet. This in itself can be highly invigorating and inviting to both the partners. It is a known fact that our feet and leg are faithful servants and they carry a lot of load without any protest. Hence regular massages and stretching exercises certainly could be very useful to revitalize our feet and leg. It could avoid the need for long drawn treatments and even surgeries.
  3. Try putting one hand on top of the feet and the other under the sole. Stroke smoothly starting from the toes and moving to the ankles. Slowly glide back the hand to the toes and repeat a number of times.
  4. You can try holding the foot in both the hands while working along the sole of the foot. Make overlapping circles using the thumbs. It indeed is a wonderful massage.
  5. Tendons absorb a lot of shock and hence massage of the same is important. Start moving between the tendons situated in the front portion of the foot. Move slowly towards the toes. Massage and squeeze the toes and pull each one turn by turn.
  6. Heels of the feet can be massaged using both the hands by using a circular motion. Use firm strokes on the side of the foot and also the lower part of the leg. Repeat it for the other leg.


There is no doubt that our feet and leg are the least cared but highly used part of the body. Regular massaging and exercises helps a lot in keeping our leg and feet in good shape, provided it is done properly by following the rule books to the full.

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