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Prostate Massage Techniques

Before getting to know more about prostate massage therapy, let us try and function what this massage is all about and what are its functions.

The prostate gland is a very important organ of the male anatomy and has a big role to play as far as sexual responses are concerned. It helps and assists in the process of ejaculation

Apart from this main function, it also has a role to play in enabling better bladder control. If one looks at the functioning of the prostate carefully, we will find that it also has a role to play in the nourishment of the sperm, which can make it possible for the sperm to make its journey through the vaginal tract and help in fertilization.

It does so by producing seminal fluid with a pH of 7.29 and which is alkaline in nature. The semen or the white of milky liquid has an important role in neutralizing the acidity in the vaginal tract.

Without semen, the life of the sperms would be under threat. Hence, 30% of the fluid that gets ejaculated by the male during intercourse consists of semen or the white, milky liquid. It is therefore quite clear that the prostate plays a big role in creating a protective ring for the sperm till such time it reaches the egg of the female and gets fertilized. It is also prevents urination during ejaculation which it does by closing the urethra during sexual intercourse. Now that we have reasonably good knowledge about the functioning of the prostate gland, let us now look at the benefits associated with prostate massage.

Benefits of Prostate Massage

  • Prostate massage is also referred to as prostate milking. However, it is better known as massage because it plays a big role in treating patients suffering from a condition known as prostatis.
  • The term ‘Milking” is often used because by such regular massage of the prostate, it is possible to increase ejaculations and so many people associate it with enhanced sexual pleasure. It is possible to get better sexual satisfaction for the male without the need to go in for typical methods of stimulation.
  • Many males suffering from various degrees of impotency have found this massage very useful and additionally it also helps in prevention of prostate enlargement.

Prostate massage is possible either through self external massage or internal massage. External massage using an external device is also practiced by many. It would be very useful to have a look at the various types of prostate massage over the next few lines.

External Prostate Massage

  • When you are going in for external prostate massage, it is important to ensure that the nails are perfectly clean and trimmed. It is possible to access the prostate externally with the help of the strip that is situated between the scrotum and the anus. This area is known as the perineum.
  • Once you have identified the spot, you should use the pads of the fingers and exert gentle pressure on it. It would be ideal to find an area with a slight depression that should be available in the perineum. When pressing, it is advisable to run your fingers forth and back on this depression.

This method if properly done can result in immediate erection followed by ejaculation. However, if you encounter pain on discomfort it means that you are either not doing it properly or are exerting too much pressure.

Internal Prostate Massage

As is the case with external prostate massage, internal prostate massage also requires your nails to be trimmed and scrupulously clean. It would be advisable to have a bowel movement before you start this internal prostate massage session.

  • A few things that would be required are properly fitting rubber gloves and a lubricant that is water based. You should start the process by lubricating the anus by stroking it in circular motions. The slower and longer the lubrication, the better it is.
  • Using the pad the stroking should be firm but gentle and it should never be rushed through. Once the lubrication starts taking effect, the anal muscles start adjusting and it would be possible for your finger to enter the anus.
  • Once you have made the full entrance, one should crook the finger upwards, so that is moves towards the wall of the abdomen. Once you have been able to do it successfully you are sure to come about a 2 inch organ that is approximately the shape of a walnut. This is the prostate glad.
  • When you have identified the prostate gland, you can start the massage by applying as much pressure as is needed to control your sensations. It would be better to start with the sides of the organ because the center is considered too sensitive. Care should be taken to use only the pads of the finger and not the nails.

By varying your pressure on the prostate gland, you could experience an erection and if you continue with the massage it could lead to ejaculation. You should reduce the pressure if you encounter as pain or discomfort.

As technology has improved it is now possible to use what is termed as hands free prostate massage techniques. Because they are hands free they are easier to use and for internal massage it is common to see many people going in for Pro-State Internal Prostate Massager. It is made from high quality non porous plastic and helps better contact with the prostate gland. It works by stimulating the sphincter muscle which in turn helps to massage the gland. The Prostate Cradle is also another device which is very useful for external massaging of the gland. Just by sitting on it is possible to stimulate the perineum as is the case with manual external massage.


Though there are a number of benefits associated with prostate gland massage, it has to be done very carefully to prevent damage to the organ. It is a very delicate organ and if you are suffering from cancer or other sorts of infection, you should not do this massage. It is always better to seek the advice and counsel of your doctor before going in for such massaging techniques.

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