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The Health Benefits of Ear Candling!

Ear Candling

More About Ear Candling

Those who know something more about ear candling will certainly agree with us that it is a process that has been around since the biblical times. During those ancient days hollow reeds gotten from swamp regions were made use of as candles.

This practice has passed down since many generations particularly from those who belonged to the South and North American native groups of people.There are also evidences to suggest that even African, Oriental, Egyptian and European people have made extensive use of ear candling.

However, it would also not be very wrong when we say that this process has been lost over the past many ears but of late it is trying to make a come back and many individuals belonging to different strata of society are making use of this long forgotten practice.

This method is also referred to as Auriculotherapy which is better known as ear candling. The main objective of this method of treatment is to reduce the toxin levels in a person’s ears by placing a hollow candle in the ear. It is a very complicated process that calls for placing one end of the hollow candle in the outer canal while the other end is lighted.

Though not fully supported by documents and research papers, it is widely believed that ear candling if done properly can help in creating a minor vacuum which helps to get rid of impurities from inside the ear. One the flip side however, there are many who feel that such treatment methods are very crude and result in injuries.

Ear Wax

However, when one looks at it from a practical point of view the same can be said of other methods of treatment too which if overdone could lead to unwanted and negative effects.There is another school of thought which feels that the best way to remove wax is not to remove it under any circumstances. [wp_ad_camp_1]

The main reason why wax is made by the ear is to capture and trap dirt that comes from outside. It also helps in trapping contaminant before they are able t reach the highly vulnerable and vital inner ear. While the waxy substance may be repulsive to many of us it has a very important role to play which cannot be underestimated. But when it gets a bit out of hand, it would be useful to know some natural methods of removing ear wax.

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How to Remove Ear Wax Safely?

If you are looking to remove wax safely, you could look at using warmed oils such as mineral oil, olive oil or even baby oil which may help to weaken the wax. You could try and drop few drops of the above oil (not hot) inside the ear canal with the person lying on his or her side. The oil should be allowed to remain in the ear canal for a few seconds to facilitate dissolving of the same.

Once the wax has been dissolved it is important to know how to remove the same. This is by lying on the opposite side and letting the dissolved wax containing oil to flow into a white and clean cloth. It would also not be a bad idea to squirt a few drops of clean water into the ear which will help in removing the wax deposits that may still remain inside.

Another method to remove ear wax without risk is to use some ear drops that have been made specifically for this purpose. They are available in pharmaceutical stores and also in grocery and department stores. It comes with other products that are used for treating ear aches and also for people who suffer from a phenomenon called “swimmers ears”.

Many people have the habit of using cotton swab or ear buds to remove excess wax from the ears.  However, more often than not it leads to compression of the wax and you could run the risk of puncturing of the ear drum. The most rationale thought process that rules most of us is to avoid going in for removal of wax unless it becomes totally unavoidable and leads to compromising your hearing levels.

It would be wrong to use any ear wax solution that is available in the market and it would always be better to go by your doctor’s advice rather than acting on your own.


While use of solutions may be required very rarely, use of mechanical methods should be avoided at all costs.

Use of heating pads is also considered a good way to remove excess wax and if done for a period of 30 minutes could help the melting of the excess wax inside the ear. While there are many methods to treat ear wax problems, it is better to always go by your doctor’s advice.

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