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How to Massage Properly And Effectively?

How to Give a Massage

Massaging is something that has been in vogue for the past many centuries and it is supposed to have started from the Egyptians, moved to the Greeks and finally the Romans starting making use of it. It is often referred to as a form of touch that is organized. The forearms, hands, and elbows are […]

Aromatherapy – Types, Benefits & Essential Oils

Essential Aromatherapy Oils

Many of us may not be aware of the fact that aromatherapy originated from France. History has it that a Frenchman burnt his arm. Immediately he dipped his hand in lavender oil and this resulted in healing of his wound. This gave him a belief that these scented oils had healing properties. When he continued […]

The Health Benefits of Ear Candling!

Ear Candling

More About Ear Candling Those who know something more about ear candling will certainly agree with us that it is a process that has been around since the biblical times. During those ancient days hollow reeds gotten from swamp regions were made use of as candles. This practice has passed down since many generations particularly […]

Does Aromatherapy Really Work?

Aromatherapy Arsenal Book

The word aromatherapy is normally associated with calmness, sweet smelling and tranquil surroundings. It has become famous largely because of its relaxing features. But aromatherapy is known to have a medicinal quality also. The basis of its therapy is the use that aromatherapy makes of natural oils, which are generally extracted from vegetable material to […]

Deep Tissue Massage for Physical Therapy!

Deep Tissue Massage for Physical Therapy

Deep tissue massage as the phrase itself indicated is a massaging technique that focuses on muscle tissues that are situated deep inside. However this type of massage also uses the basic methods of massage such as vibration, friction and effleurage. It also uses the hands of the therapists with a view to warm the tissues […]

How to Give a Scalp Massage?

Scalp Massage Steps

One of the best remedies for headaches is without doubt a good scalp massage. When provided the right way scalp massages can improve hair growth and they make the entire body feel good. This is mainly because there is several nerve endings present on the scalp that stimulate and affect different parts of the body. […]

Reflexology Foot Massage During Pregnancy

Reflexology Foot Massage

  Foot Massage In Pregnancy Various complementary health care treatments are quite common when you are into your pregnancy. One treatment that can go a long way in treating problems that provide physical treatment is without doubt reflexology. This is a great form of treatment which along with providing development to the child helps you […]

6 Steps To Release Toxins Using Deep Tissue Massage

Release Toxins Using Deep Tissue Massage

When it comes to release of toxins the one form of massaging that can always be associated with it is the deep tissue massaging. This is a form of treatment which allows the removal of toxins from internal tissues of the body. Though there are experts who disagree with this The Canadian Association of Therapists […]

Massage Therapy And Myofascial Therapy Differences!

Massage Therapy And Myofascial Therapy Differences

The art of massage therapy is quite old and could be traced back to the days of Hippocrates. However, with time it has evolved and of late, the renowned physical therapist John Barnes has taken steps to change myofascial massage and take it to the next highest level called myofascial release. Apart from helping to […]

Deep Tissue Massage for Back Pain!

Deep Tissue Massage

It has been researched by the American Chiropractic Association that more than 31 million people living in America suffer from lower back pain one time or the other.  Several non-surgical treatments are available some of them include exercise, acupuncture, yoga, chiropractic therapy, applying heat or cold and massage. Serious pathological conditions have to be ruled […]

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