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When a person wishes to initiate himself or herself into the world of “Raja Yoga”, they are required to apply to the Yogi Master for the right kind of instruction.

They are provided with a series of lessons which are done with the purpose of getting to know more about their Real Self.

They are also given instructions about the secret knowledge which helps them to understand more about the realization of the “I” within each one of us. It helps them to move away from the wrong and mistaken method of knowing about their real identity.

Mere intellectual understanding of a person’s actual identity is not enough for the yogi masters to be satisfied. They do want such candidates to have a better understand of their self or their Real Self. This must form a part for their daily journey in their final quest to have a better understanding of their real self. It must be something that must occupy center stage in their mind and other thought must revolve around such thoughts.

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When we talk about Raja Yoga the masters teach us that there are two degrees of getting to understand more about the word “I”.

  • It is something that helps them to understand that the body and the ‘I” are two different identities. When they reach the second level of consciousness they are able to identify themselves with the universal life. This certainly helps them to be in touch with all physical forms of life and at the same time provides them with to understanding their true identity.

For some the answer comes suddenly while for others it does take time and dawns gradually. For other there are a number of exercises and practical works which provides them answers to the question of I as mentioned above.

There are some ground rules and exercises which help a candidate in his initiation process and let us have a look at the same over the next few lines.

State of Meditation is the first step. This can be better achieved by retiring to a room or place that is quiet with zero interruption. This helps your mind to feel secure and totally at rest. Though the ideal condition may not always be possible to be gotten you must try and do the best as you possibly can.

The main objective of being in this state is to move yourself away to abstraction to the extent possible. You should be away from impressions that are distracting and you should create a situation which helps you to be in communion only with your real self.

The next step is the Process of Realization of the “I”. For being able to achieve this the candidate must understand the reality of “I” in the first place. This will help him or her to find out the real nature of this abstract concept. This is the first step which must be mastered quite well. This would require the candidate to be in a state of meditation which has been described before.

Once this has been done the candidate must put his total attention on the Individual Self and should shut himself away from the outside world totally including other persons. He should try and reach a stage where the only person that is existent is him and him alone. He should see himself as the only entity and should be a sun around which the world revolves.


Irrespective of your current state of physical being, you would not be in a position to change your “I” with the most highest, wisest and fortunate person in the world. This certainly is something that is a wish deep in our mind and when you want to reach another person, you would like to have their respective degrees of power, wealth, position, intelligence and other such things. You would like to have something that is theirs and not yours.

However, while this is all fine, you would like to retain your separate identify as a different “I” and would never like to merge yourself with the other person spiritually though materially you would like to be like him or her.

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