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The Benefits of Deep Scalp Massage?

Benefits of Deep Scalp Massage

There is no doubt that massage therapy is something that has been around for many centuries. Today in the United States alone, there are more that 125,000 massage therapists who make use of their skills for the benefits of thousands of patients.

Amongst the various types of massages, deep scalp massage is a popular one. It involves techniques such as myofascial release, aromatherapy which play a big role in providing benefits both for the mind and the body.

Let us over the next few lines find out the various benefits associated with deep scalp massage:

  • People suffering from tension headache get good relief by going in for this type of massage. This type of pain manifests itself by way of a moderate pain and a feeling of pressure spread across the forehead. It moves towards the back and sides of the head and also results in tenderness in scalp muscles, shoulders and neck.
  • Though this kind of pain in the head could lead to serious medical conditions, they offer mainly due to factors such as stress, poor posture and because of clenching of the jaw. When we goo in for deep scalp massage it concentrates on the neck, shoulders and head and it helps in reducing relieving pain and reducing stress that are associated with headache. According to The American Massage Therapy Association it can help to relieve reduce both stress and relief from pain.
  • This type of deep scalp massage can also help in reversal of hair loss and there are many beauty and skin care sites which back this point of view. Using oil with scalp massage helps to condition your scalp, and also helps in stimulating of circulation.
  • It also helps in rejuvenating hair that is dry and also encourages production of natural oil. It is also known to strengthen the shafts and the roots and which helps in individual hair strands to grow better. Studies done in 1998 in Scotland have show that there is a positive relationship between increased hair growth and deep scalp massage using aromatherapy. There were 86 patients who went through this massage and found evidence of increased hair growth.


Apart from the above benefits there are also many people who have found a lot of benefits from stress by going in for this deep scalp massage. This massage according to the magazine Health and Lifestyle, is known to help in reducing stress by increasing circulation of blood in the scalp. It also is known the aid the release of endorphins which help in muscle relaxation and mood elevation.

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